The (ten) Myth(s) of Kaldi

  Many an independent coffee house features a Kaldi's Blend. If you asked ten different baristas what was in the Kaldi's Blend you would most likely get ten different responses. It may be a blend of any two varietals. There may be a third in for fun. Is it any wonder? I roasted a few... Continue Reading →

Enjoyin’ my coffee

This is a repost for National Coffee Day 2023 Today, I am going to write about how pleased I am to be able to be enjoyin' my coffee once again. The past month I have experienced many disruptions to my mind, body and soul. It is not recommended to dwell on the past, so I... Continue Reading →

The value of Tripio

  The value of writing Tripio    My coffee is weak this morning. I have already had my double espresso and as the clock passes 6 a.m. I am clear headed and ready for a long day. Later this afternoon I will be headed to my “Building your own Blog” class at the Indiana Writers Center.... Continue Reading →

Coffee and writing

 Some writing with your coffee? It is not yet seven a.m. on Sunday morning. And I have been up for close to ninety minutes. This is my schedule. I have come to the conclusion that sleeping in is overrated. This is my day off and one hears a lot about how others relish the chance... Continue Reading →

Why I bought a book

Why I bought a book   This was the second time I had stopped into the independent bookstore closest to me to try to get them interested in carrying my novel, The Trier. The first visit I left my promotional signing card, my business card, and, I thought, a good impression. I had heard nothing... Continue Reading →

I owe the planet for my coffee

I owe the planet for my coffee   I owe the planet for all the coffee I've consumed over the years. So, when I was invited to the Hooser Climate Party on Indianapolis's Massachusetts Avenue, I had to attend. The invitation was extended as a indirect result of the recent book signing event for my... Continue Reading →

What I found in a brown paper bag

  My decision to self-publish was found in a brown paper bag "Could there be some silent audience eagerly awaiting his new novel? Some hidden force unrecognized by the publishing and critical world of New York City, which, like an orbiting space station, looks upon the rest of America without ever interacting with it? -excerpt... Continue Reading →

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