Tripio The Novel

How I wrote my novel, and how I can help you write yours

  Blog 6- The Cover

On Thanksgiving Day, I took my laptop around the room to show off the first mock up for the cover of Tripio. On the screen was the image I was so proud of. This was the first time I had ever seen what looked to be a real book with my name it. I explained to the family of origin that it was only the first mock of the cover.  It would get better. There was still work to do. It was a process. I began to feel like the person who saves up a joke he has heard that he was sure was going to get a laugh, tells it, and then has to explain it. In other words, I did not get the reaction I was hoping for. These people all read, read a lot and were hungry. Maybe I should have known my audience better (no one in my family likes anything or anyone when they are hungry) and not shown them the mock up before Thanksgiving dinner.

The drive home the next day was the perfect opportunity to think over the lukewarm response to my cover. I must have been deep in thought because at one point I spilled my coffee on my lap. Not good, but it was cold brew so it could have been worse. Once I found a rest stop and changed into a dry pair of pants, I was able to re-engage my mind. With a dry crotch I was able to do some more thinking on the previous day. I had been shaken. After I had closed my laptop the day before I began the process of questioning the cover, the book and everything connected with Tripio. It was so easy.

I thought of Legos. I remembered my boys as children building Lego towers. I remembered a few times when a painstakingly constructed tower was accidently knocked over. It took a good bit of time to build and no time at all for it to be destroyed. During the time after I closed my laptop I saw Tripio as a crumbled lego tower. All that work for nothing.

At some point after crossing back into Indiana, I remembered a journal entry I had made a few weeks ago. I found it just now. It was a question for writers to keep in mind as they try to get a work published, no matter the chosen process. I had previously posed it to myself, of course. I read it again and answered “Yes! No doubt!”

I had written,“Do you have faith in your writing?”

                                           “May I help who’s next in line?”

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