Why April 11th?


                   I will do my best to tell you all why I chose april 11th as the release date for Tripio. I have hesitated up until now because that date is integral to the plotline that has the most built in drama in Tripio, especially for the readers of the book who don’t already know me. There must a few of you out there, right?



   In the book, April 11th is the due date given to Kati and Jay for the birth of their baby. The reason so much drama is attached to the date is that Kati has a “birth defect” that will produce a high risk pregnancy. A pregnancy in which it will be highly unlikely for the baby to go full term. What will happen on the way to April 11th?  I hope you all buy and read Tripio to discover the answer. That is all I can say for now.

  Well, not all. The above seems an obvious explanation as to why I chose April 11th as the date to publish Tripio. But I seemed to want to make that decision harder on myself than necessary.  Last fall when I had decided to self publish Tripio I needed a release date. At that time, I was lamenting the fact that I had not started Tripio about a year earlier. That way, I would have been able to time the release date of Tripio with the 25th anniversary of the Starbucks IPO. It made some sense to me because in Tripio Jay participates in said historic IPO,   I had my clothes picked out for tomorrow. I even had my khaki pants cleaned for the big day. Pants cost more but were worth it. I was not sure what to expect, but tomorrow would be a different day, to say the least. I read my stock market book at my coffee house under the tracks and now get that as of tomorrow, Cosmodemonic will be a publicly traded company”.

   I was a year too late for that opportunity but I was hoping to attach Tripio to some other historic event in Starbucks history in order to get some kind of publicity. I looked over the Starbucks timeline on its website but nothing seemed to fit. Nothing fit because Tripio is not the story of Starbucks. It is Jay and Kati’s story. The story of Starbucks has been and is still being told by others.

    So, to the dozen or so readers who will read Tripio and don’t know me personally, that is why I chose April 11th as the release date of Tripio. And even those who know me will find that Tripio isn’t a suspense thriller. It isn’t really the outcomes of the three plot lines that create the essence of the book. It is what Jay does with the outcomes of the plotlines that give Tripio its unique selling point. After all, who wants another book about Starbucks? Who want another celebrity author to ‘follow”?  You see, for me, the lasting appeal in Tripio starts before April 11th, when Jay will begin to to see and understand that…..

        Ooops…I better not go on anymore.


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