My self published masterpiece


           I few nights ago I watched “I’m Not in it For My Health” which is a documentary on Levon Helm. The DVD around for a while on loan from the library and I had put off watching it because I knew that Levon had died in 2012. It was not stretch to assume that the documentary would likely conclude with Levon’s last days or even his death. Finally my interest in the documentary overcame my reluctance. I felt ‘I’m not in it For My Health” to be worth watching but I won’t give away the ending.             

   Earlier today my tech support and I worked together to finalize the specifications for the paperback edition of Tripio. He adjusted the cover specifications and I added some “front matter” to the manuscript. We uploaded both several times. Each time they were rejected, we tried again. On the second try for the cover and the fourth for the manuscript  the “upload successful” notice appeared on my laptop screen. Both were now approved for sale. I ordered five proof copies so soon I could physically hold Tripio as a book in my own hands. They won’t arrive for a week or so. Barring any notice from Amazon, Tripio will go on sale on April 11th and everything will be different. Except it doesn’t quite feel that way.

     My tech support (my second oldest son, in real life) and I talked and caught up for an hour. His work the direct or self publishing of Tripio was done and he then went off into his weekend. I spent the next couple hours in the kitchen preparing tonight’s dinner and did a few chores for the coming week : washed the dishes, swept the floor and read a couple texts from two of my other adult children …Some day, everything’s going to be different.


    If you don’t recognize the last line in the paragraph, it appears more famously in the Band’s version of Bob Dylan’sWhen I Paint my Masterpiece”. I always liked that song and have favored the ones Levon sang from the Band’s catalogue. I am not labeling Tripio as a masterpiece. Though it would be cowardly not to admit that I have not had daydreams of monetary success and critical acclaim for my novel.

   My first experience at self publishing had been completed. I was not sure if would call this “upload successful, click to send” exercise a confirmation that I have, after nearly two years, finished painting my masterpiece. I know Levon won’t mind too much if I don’t feel like celebrating just yet. As I noted earlier the proof copies will arrive in several days. Maybe things will finally start to be different when finally get to hold “my masterpiece.”



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