Expectations for Tripio

  Every morning before I go to work, I practice Yoga for about five minutes. I have been doing this for years now. Along with three cups of coffee, this short practice gets me energized for the long day ahead.

      Recently the practice has undergone a momentous evolution and change of intent. Since the day five years ago that I discovered Recovery Yoga, my yoga practice has been preventative in nature and direction. I practiced yoga in order ”not to”. It was a practice that was hopeful yet fundamentally defensive. I practiced Yoga in those mornings, and every other time I practiced, not to be afraid of my future, not to drink, not to feel sorry for myself, not to give up on my life in the days, weeks and months ahead.

   Over the more recent years my practice has become, in conjunction with many other intentions and practices I have discovered and implemented, one of belief and encouragement. I slowly began to align the asanas with my mind and knew that I would have a good day following each practice. Yes, I have been fooled a few times over the years but that is why I call it a “practice’.

   The most recent development to this evolution ties directly to Tripio. I now start every morning” letting go” of my expectations for the book. I think I had to do this around the time Howard Behar http://howardbehar.com/ signed up to provide a blurb for Tripio. Things seemed to be going so well for Tripio that I began to dream of possible financial success for the book. I began an imaginary list of things I would buy and places I would go with the buckets of money I would make off the sale of Tripio. The possible outcomes could be said to be beyond my wildest dreams, although I can dream pretty wildly. Some of that mental wondering is understandable. I did decide to publish Tripio with the hope it would provide a second revenue stream. When the expectations began to include a parasailing weekend in Malta with Scarlett Johansson, then I needed realign my expectations.

      So every morning I tell those expectations for Tripio to get on their horses and leave town. My morning yoga practice is now one in which I am trying to prevent expectations for my life from being unrealistically good, instead of fear ridden and preventative. I call that progress.  Though I am still keeping a weekend free for Scarlett.

                                      “May I help who’s next?”

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