I have a cunning plan?

   I have recently started watching a series called Walking Through History with Tony Robinson: channel4.com/programmes/walking-through-history

/episode-guide/https://www. For me, it is the perfect show to relax to after toiling in anonymity on Tripio before going into work, toiling in anonymity while there, and then coming home and parenting in anonymity. For those who don’t remember The Blackadder series

Tony Robinson played Baldrick. Baldrick was daft, unwashed and on the receiving end of lots of comedic physical and verbal abuse. In this newer series he is much better off. He takes three or four day walks in various regions of England to discover and uncover the “history embedded in the landscape”. And he gets paid to do it.

     Speaking of getting paid, this morning after making my coffee I checked Amazon to see that Tripio had been approved for Pre-Sale. I could now conceivably be making money off Tripio!

    Now What?

                                                   Bill Boaden / The ridge-top 

    Well, after emailing my family of origin and texting my own kids, there followed about two hours of pointless activity. I was energized by the news of Tripio being available to buy. Of course, it was only six a.m. so there weren’t a lot of other people up at that hour to call and share my exciting news. I started a blog post. No focus. I started my review of From the Ground up. Awful. I wanted to capitalize on the energy created by this milestone event. I called the FedEX store to see if my Tripio table talkers were ready. Oh yeah, they don’t open until ten. Damn. What to do?

    Whenever I had to clear my mind when working on Tripio, I cleaned the house. So I followed that formula and headed back upstairs to make my bed and straighten my room. There I took out the Tony Robinson Walking Through History disc to put it back in its case. In my hand was  the answer! Do what you always tell your own children to do when they reach a milestone in their lives: Stay put at the top of that ridge, turn around and look over where you’ve been!!

    I had forgotten my own advice and wanted to rush ahead to the next place, the next thing, the next milestone. I had forgotten that I always counsel that the journey is the meaning. I casually advise others to take time to honor yourself for what you’ve done. So I did. I listened to my own words.

     Unlike Tony Robinson, I am not in Derbyshire or Nottingham or anywhere near a ridge or hilltop overlooking the beautiful countryside of England. So, I went to get some cardio and sit in the sauna at my health club. You do what you gotta do.

        From my mental vantage point I was first able to see that I had lots of help on my path. But I did manage to  give myself credit as I sat there taking it all in. I managed to relax and let myself enjoy and honor this moment. I felt, as I sweated in the sauna, that it had been the right decision to stop on this path and rest for a minute or two. I felt quite good by the time I was dry and dressed. Thanks, Tony.

                                                                  “May I help who’s next?”

Comment now or think it over-both would be appreciatiated.

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