No time to write

     I like to record old movies from TCM. They are free from commercials and any additional cost. I am not alone in liking these advantages. I am especially fond of the classic black and white noir films. I recently watched Gilda. I reference it not because it has anything to do with Tripio but because it gives me an excuse to look through photos of Rita Hayworth to use below.

     I think that was a good use of my time. One movie I did not record was “No Time for Sergeants”. I reference that because as a writer putting out his first novel, I feel that recently I no longer have time to write.

    That struck me as I was rereading two of my recent posts this morning. I have come to truly enjoy writing these posts. That comes as quite a surprise to me. I have never had the need nor inclination to do any writing intended for in blogosphere, the internet, social media etc. Partly I think I took writing posts because they have been replacing my morning journal entries.  I write blog posts in the morning before leaving for work. The job has a way of taking up a lot of time each and every week. As does commuting, eating, sleeping, shopping, cleaning and all the countless daily activities one must make time to do. As far as writing fiction in any other form, not much time is left in the normal week.

    I prioritized my remaining free time in order to attend the first of three “Author Development” classes at a nearby library. They are presented by a person with a best selling book on Amazon. Previously, I have taken courses at the Indiana Writers Center, and none of those focused on writing, as such. Instead they focused on topics such as building your own brand, SEO and owning my niche audience. All valuable pursuits. And pursuing them takes a lot of time.

      One other thing all classes did have in common was that they all emphasized the need for writers to create content. That sound like something I can do! Good thing too. Since I have “no time for writing” anymore.

                                         “May I help who’s next?”

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