Picasso horse

                 Computers are useless-all they can give you are answers.

 –Pablo Picasso

In Tripio, Jay is suddenly transferred from his nearby Starbucks to a location in suburban Chicago. He has no car so must rise at four a.m. to make the two train commute. He has to first take the El downtown and then walk several blocks to catch the Metra train heading west. That walk takes him through Jackson Square, crossing under the watchful eye of the “Picasso horse” statue. At this point in Tripio, Jay feels  his life is no longer under his control. His dream of living the solitary life of a writer in a shack in Costa Rica is gone, unattainable. This sudden transfer to the suburbs has shaken Jay at a time when he was already mentally quite fragile. The city and square are nearly empty at five am. Jay’s only regular companion is the Picasso horse, who he now believes is alive and watching him as he crosses in front of it.    

     Does this mean that Jay knows his dream of living as a writer is dead? And can only be wishfully reanimated by the Picasso horse? Does is mean that Jay is losing his marbles just a little as the fear of parenthood shakes him to the core? Does the horse now represent Starbucks as a growing beast watching Jay’s every move? How the hell do I know? I just wrote Tripio. It’s up to you ,the reader, to decide that.

     I started this post because I came across the above quote with the intent of tying it to Tripio via the Picasso Horse . I have done that, but lucky for you I am not finished. Here goes the bonus content… I wonder all the time about cell phones. What is so interesting about them? What  it is in them that wasn’t there before? Why are the so enticing that many of us risk are lives to look at one while we drive?

    Why am I asking so many questions? Because that is where the answers are, not in the devices at all. There are only answers and ultimately, and answers are boring, as Picasso is saying above. If the question in your mind is worth pursuing at all it must roll around and occupy your mind for hours or even days. So put down that phone and think, especially if you are driving, but not before hitting the link to  buy Tripio on Amazon- https://www.amazon.com/Tripio-novel-Starbucks-Millionaire-Novelist-ebook/dp/B07NQ1413V

                                    May I help who’s next?

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