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 Yesterday I took an hour drive to have breakfast with my oldest son. We were joined by his significant other, my daughter and my sister. After the mid-morning food, I undertook three more hours in the car to get back home which included a stop for coffee at a Starbucks. For some, that time driving amounts to the time they spend commuting every week to work and back. On a short week. In any case it seems like a good deal of driving just to have breakfast.

      I wanted to see my oldest son at some point over the long holiday weekend and this proved to be the simplest way. For me, it was an easy decision and time well spent. We had good food, a good time and good talk, costing me four hours in the car. I wonder if Howard Schultz would spend four hours in a car to visit a 25 year old Starbucks location?

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    No easy answer to that question or proposition is there? In fact, it could be dismissed as clearly unanswerable and simply odd.  But that is the kind of question I hope all of you who read Tripio put to yourself in some form or fashion.  To fully grasp where I am going with this you will have to read Tripio. Because, in Tripio Jay is asking himself to measure the value of a family, compared to the value of a growing company, compared to the value of work of creative imagination. By some measures, he can’t do it. But, please read Tripio and see for yourself what happens.

      I have come to the conclusion that I wrote Tripio in part to forgive Jay for not being able to see the future, for not being wise enough to know what his future would bring. None of us know that. But, I am not alone in being way, way too hard on myself.

     Twenty five years later, after seeing way more of that future that Jay found so murky, I have mellowed a great deal. I have forgiven Jay for not being Nostradamus. I am content and blessed that his future found me. To understand this more fully please buy and read….

    And, to answer the question above, I would drive four hours again today if that is what it took to see my oldest son. In fact, I could make it in less than four hours if I didn’t stop at a Starbucks along the way.

May I help who’s next?”

Comment now or think it over-both would be appreciatiated.

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