What I see in the cover part 2

     Today I reached a milestone on the journey of Tripio. I had my last meeting with the artist who did the cover art. His field of specialty is fashion and design but circumstance created the interest and opportunity for him to take on creating the cover art for a book. It was all meant to be. I had never written a book before and he had never created a design for a book cover before. I can only hope the book is a good as the cover.

  I will give you three guesses as to where the artist and I met for me to pay and for us to sign the copyright transfer. Need help? There was one exactly halfway between his house and mine. Still need help? Tripio takes place primarily at one of these places, although at the time of Tripio, there were about 10,000 fewer of these places to choose from.

                 From Wikimedia Commons, the free media repository

       Well, you’ll get it eventually. For now I look at the cover and see the story behind it. I see the work that went into it. I see the very first cover draft I came up with. I see long the before that, to the writing of the book itself. And I see the requesting of the blurbs and the photo shoot for the back cover headshot. I see my original journals that begat Tripio. I see learning how to use Dropbox for the editing. I see myself with printed pages on my porch this past summer Sunday evenings, looking over what I had written that weekend. I see four am start times. I see that this list is getting tedious for you, so I will stop.

   My point is this anyhow. I see a lot of good times. I see good times in my Mind Garden. I see good productive days and weeks getting both me and Tripio https://www.amazon.com/Tripio-novel-Starbucks-Millionaire-Novelist-ebook/dp/B07NQ1413V to this point. And that is what I feel best about when I look at the cover…even though you can’t see it.

                                                “May I help who’s next?”


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