Events follow Energy

        At this point on the journey of Tripio, a lot has been happening. A lot of good things have taken place So much so that last night I voiced a desire to possibly move the publication date of Tripio up a month or so. I chose April 11th because in Tripio, the child that Kati and Jay are expecting has been assigned a due date of April 11th.  I will wait and see on the final decision for a new release date of Tripio.

                    “Nothing in human judgment is final”   attributed to FDR

    A lot of positive things are happening around Tripio: the wonderful blurbs from Starbucks legends, the inspired first mock cover, the classes at the Indiana Writers Centers seemingly appearing just when I need them, my tech support moving back home at the right time to help me launch this blog.  All those events listed are simply events following energy. That is, good energy following good energy.

   Events following energy is a cornerstone wisdom that I have believed in since way before I started working on Tripio. I had to understand it first in order to understand myself in order to put myself into a place to be able to create Tripio. For further clarification, find and read Daniel Pond’s Chakras for Beginners.

         I can’t even recall when I bought the book, or how it came to me years ago, during the time I call “early recovery”. Finding that book can rightly be called a milestone on my journey.

    From this book, I found so many wisdoms that I have come to use in my day to day life. I know I would not have come to create Tripio without having read Chakras. It is one of the books that I can honestly say helped change my life. Or as C.S. Lewis puts it in Experiment in Criticism,I have become what I was not before”, upon reading Chakras.

     Once again, the single most powerful wisdom practice I have followed since first putting down that book has consistently been “Events follow Energy”. The events I listed above are not random actions of an outside world that happened to crash into my life. For most of my life I would have seen those, and all events in my life, as such. I would have concluded that “Life happens”. Now I understand that it doesn’t. We create our lives with our thoughts and concomitant actions. Good events follow good energy. Bad events follow bad energy. I know, I followed some of them right into rehab. I have since worked daily, even hourly, to create better daily energies. Those energies continue to bring better events. A very short list appears above.

                                                        “May I help who’s next?”


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