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     May 2, 2017., 8:36 AM: “Just finished meditation preceded by candle exercise and yoga. In the meditation I found the name of my novel- ‘Chicago Days’ is Tripio!”

    The above entry is from a more recent SotM (Sketchbook of the Mind) and captures my process, my technique, my style and my approach to writing perfectly. It is why I say what I say about writing and how to produce your own unique novel, poem, or any writing you feel called to work on. It is December 1st 2018 and Tripio is nothing as of yet. Squat, dick, zilch. You name it. To be transparent, I am scheduling this repost for early Decmeber 2019 and Tripio, by some measures, isn’t much more.

    So, how do I have the stones to blog about the writing of Tripio like it is outselling James Paterson?  Read the above again. See what isn’t in there? Everything and everybody else. Everyone else’s ideas, techniques, books, seminars, classes, agents, shortcuts etc. That’s the wrong way. The destination and answers are in your mind. One of the reasons most people don’t come out and tell you that is that you can get there for free. As the entry points out, I used a yoga mat, a candle and my own body to create an environment into which the name of my novel could emerge, grow, and find daylight.

    It takes work and time but not very much money. It takes practice, focus and attention. It requires sacrifice, surrender, letting go and discarding ego-based habits and practices. But, as I write this I refer again to the fact that Tripio is now published, yet hasn’t sold much at all. So what? It has given back to me everything of lasting value it is going to give me. For the moment I am grateful to Tripio for the process and the journey it has been. Again, Tripio it is simply the result of a calmed, focused, original mind. My mind.

      My message today is this: Generate your own story from your own thoughts, grown in your own mind garden. Then, when it is in bloom you will be able to stand up, take a few steps back and admire it. Your knees and hands may be dirty from the work, but you will be able look it over and be proud of what you have grown. A neighbor may pass by and smile as they walk by. Many may disapprove and most may not even respond. But you won’t care too much because you alone know what it took to grow your garden. And knowing that brings a satisfaction that is not dependent, not subjective. It is there now. And that is good enough.                        

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       “May I help who’s next?”

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