Into “Back outta the World”

   If you are one of the handful of lucky folks who happen to be following this blog, you were most likely able to find a farewell to Tripio written into the last post. You may be relieved to hear that. Like most things in life, it was good and bad. I was easily able to post about Tripio for almost a year. Good, because it confirmed that Tripio was not just a commodity I was trying to sell. The blog confirmed to me that the journey to creating Tripio was and is way more than me just trying to sell a “Starbucks novel”.

       Bad, because in this country everything is a commodity to sell. Where to take Tripio? Straight to the market! Where else can one go and what else can one do? I’m getting ahead of myself. These will be topics for later posts. Getting back to Tripio, the farewell is there. It is daylight savings time today and we fell back an hour overnight. That put me up and awake at around 4 a.m. clock time. It seems quite appropriate to make a transition on daylight savings time, right? Did, I plan this? Of course not.

   I am putting this extra hour of dark to good use though. I am sitting in my dining room chair, arms crossed and listening to “Sunday Baroque” on the radio. And doing what exactly? 

  • You could not step twice into the same river: for other waters are ever flowing onto to you.– Heraclitus
  • You ain’t got not choice but to move on-me

   Not altogether sure. I might be letting the mind process this last post in which I actively and intentionally sell, I mean, address Tripio. It will always be there because it has to be. I do have to move on from it though. As comfortable as it has been to post about Tripio, it has run its course. This time last year I don’t think I even had a blog. I may have been just getting started on it but it doesn’t matter too much. The point is that when I started, I discovered I liked blogging. I found great comfort in learning that “blog” stood for “web log”. That a blog is a log, or journal into which one makes entries. I can do that. I have done that. And all of them concern Tripio in one way or the other. I will continue to post news of Tripio related events on this site of course. But, now I am headed into “Back outta the World”. 

  What that means for you fortunate readers is that we can begin this new journey together. Which is fitting, since Back outta the World (BotW) is a novel about a journey, a road trip in which the mind and body take different paths, only to meet at the end. So, take a seat and come along as I start to revise the prequel to Tripio. I hope what I share going forward will be useful to you. I will more actively emphasize that part going forward. I may have been a little understated in many of the past posts. I felt that by simply relaying the experiences of writing and publishing Tripio that I could help other authors feel a little less alone as they undertake their own journey towards writing and publishing their work. Then again, I am new to all this too. So, let’s see what happens next.  Climb aboard now or some time later…Oh yea, below is the vehicle we will be using. If you see it down the road, just wave and I’ll pull over pick and you up……