Tripio The Novel

How I found my mind, brewed some coffee, and learned to write novels.

New Year’s Day at six in the morning. No, this isn’t one of those posts written to celebrate and commemorate. One that looks ahead, looks back. One that includes a top ten list, although those are said to be quite popular and click catching. I may schedule one of those for May 13th. Why not?

I took a sip of my coffee a second ago. I was hoping that the small amount of caffeine included in said sip would provide the bounce I needed to begin working on my road novel, Back outta the World. Well, it didn’t work.

As you may or may not know, the novel is done. It was completed over two decades ago. I have reworked it twice already. It sits on my laptop a few steps to my right on the table I cleared off over Christmas. I cleared the table off to change the energy around the laptop. I wanted to provide a clear space in order to provide access to Back outta the World. I hoped that it would be easier to review and revise it one last time. Well, it didn’t work.

In fact, I hope you are enjoying this post so far because it is simply the product of my resisting working on Back outta the World. As fellow writers or bloggers it should be a familiar situation. I am resisting doing what I got up this morning to do. I set out this morning to make a big dent in revising and self-editing of BotW. Instead I’ve done the dishes, started the laundry and changed the cat’s litter box.

Maybe this is one of those New Year’s Day posts after all. It’s possible that I rose from bed on a brand new year carrying all the contrived expectations and hopes that the New Year brings, in spite of my best efforts to ignore them. No, I don’t pay attention to that stuff. I am a writer who is called to write by a power greater than…

Hey! Hold on a second. I feel better now. Thanks for joining me for these few moments. By resisting working on BotW and drafting this post, I just cleared my mind. The above paragraph was a cleansing and redirecting of the mind. I am just that quickly ready to see what Rick, Jay and T are up to in Back outta the World. Happy New Year everybody!

May I help who’s next?

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