Wait! Don’t start writing yet…

      Sure, I have novel on Amazon. Who doesn’t? I have been working on the already completed sequeal, prequeal to Tripio entitled Back outta the Wordl. The Pandemic has created serious obstactile to my to my “Glorious 5-Year plan’ to publish novel a year for the next four years. If it weren’t that, another challenge would arise to confront that plan. A similiar story can be found a million times over with  just a few more clicks. Why stop here? I am sure if you tried you could recall a cousin or a niebghor or two who has a book pulbished on a similar platform.

There a million similar stories out there. Why would this blog help you when it is just a retelling of the same story with a change of few book titles? Simply put, because you can’t have one without the other.

     There are a million stories because there truly are a million different stories and about half that many paths taken to get a book written and or published. By my math then, there must be hundreds of thousands of resources to help one start writing, maintain that writing, and perhaps get that writing published. Why? Because there have to be. 

     There is no one size fits all writing process. But, I have found that if you have a ghost of a chance of standing out at all, you must write from you own unique mind, soul and heart. To do that, the journey that ends in a novel starts for me, in the mind. It has to of course. But the real trick is keeping it there. And not go insane seeking answers all over hell and back. believe, if you don’t start there, by the time you have picked up the pen or opened the laptop to write, it is already too late. So, how does that apply to me?

    Glad you asked! That is why I have enhanced this blog Tripio the Novel to become more ‘user friendly’, if you will. The blog will offer a path to writing that starts at the beginning of the process: the mind and the thoughts that it can generate. From there one can choose what actions to take. Now, I ain’t got no degree in a related academic field but offer practical observation and experience. I clearly and simply offer how I was able to cultivate my mind to create Tripio, Back outta the World and other works.

     Now I want to look deeper into the whole process as I am experiencing it. In doing so, I hope to share all experiences, whatever label applies, and offer clear, usable, sustainable insight and recommendations for you all to use. It is on you from there.  I am planning to mix in “real time” experience as I go about preparing my second novel, Back outta the World,  for publication. This will be the good, bad, happy and sad of that journey told as openly and honestly as possible. How does that sound?

                                           “May I help who’s next?

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