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How I found my mind, brewed some coffee and wrote a novel

It’s all there. Don’t worry. It’s there and they will find it. Don’t try to write, just write. Don’t translate, answer. Don’t try to get to sleep, just fall asleep. All these thoughts are in my mind as I am revising the latest passages from Back outta the World (BotW), my second novel and follow up to my wildly successful debut novel, Tripio.


Let me try to tie them together in a way that will help one create or continue on their own novel, story, poem, sculpture etc.

The passages I mention above take place at the fictional “Sundome” in northern Wisconsin. Cohorts on the roadtrip Jay, Rick and T find themselves spending a night at an unfinished theme hotel in exchange for a favor for the night watchman. Here they sleep on chaise lounges poolside. The pool is halfway full with test water for the filters. A beach ball has found it’s way into the pool. Jay thinks one of the construction workers brought it as a joke and tossed it in the water.

For a moment, Jay is captivated by the beach ball’s slow and easy movements on the water. The ball goes where the slight breezes and pool’s current takes it. It is round, as all balls are. As the world is. Later in BotW, Jay recalls being hit in the nose with a dodge ball as kid while playing in his front yard. His nose is busted and Jay remembers bleeding all over his white T-shirt. That ball was round like the world.

I know that happens later in the book because I wrote it. And rewrote it. But both passages are there and always have been. Without intending it, I have set up a comparison of the two world’s Jay is facing in BotW. One world is benign and carefree, like the beach ball. The other will came at you and cause you pain, like the dodge ball. This only occurred to me a few day ago as I reworked this section. I did not do this intentionally. I just saw it this morning, some 25 years after I had first written those passages.

Will that occur to the future readers of BotW? Does it makes sense now to you? I have no way of knowing. But I hope the takeaway will be to not make this writing thing any harder than it has to be. Because it is there. The trick is letting it come out. Do that by calming the mind, being at ease with yourself and with what you are writing about.

May I help who’s next?”

Please refer to earlier posts on “The Mind Garden” for more on this subject.

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