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How I found my mind, brewed some coffee, and learned to write novels.

It is Saturday morning and later I will head off to my local Get Fit for a weekend workout. Sure, I go for my cardio workout. My goal, as suggested by my GP, is to get my heart rate up to 150 at least once during my time on the cross trainer. It isn’t easy. But the getting up, the climb, to the accelerated heart rate is what does the most good. Simply running in place for 20 minutes with only a slightly accelerated heart rate apparently has little benefit.”It’s the climb” as Miley Cirus would sing.

While exercising I have my Pandora app selecting some workout appropriate music. Recently, I’ve been favoring Abba. If “Mama Mia” doesn’t get me moving, then it just isn’t my day.

Since Pandora is free it has commercial interruptions. I know I could move on to an upgrade or source my music by some other means, but this task never seems to make it to the top of the pile of things to do. So, I stick with Pandora and the commercials, even if I hate them more and more. How dare they try to steal my thoughts at the time they are doing me the most good? It is almost a physical pain to be moving, sweating and cleansing my body, mind and spirit and have a commercial begin “Hey!”

I used to simply rip out my ear speakers and toss them violently off my head until my phone said the commercial was over. I was then safe from a commercial violating my mind for several more songs or hopefully until the conclusion of my workout. Still, I felt cheated of a minute of my precious and wonderful workout time. A time I use as much as mental cardio as physical. But, I have recently found a solution.

It is not switching apps, accessing a different source for music or ditching the phone altogether. No. I decided to use the interruptions to make my mind healthier, just as interval training makes my cardiovascular system stronger by making it climb and stop and restart.

Now I use the commercial interruptions as my interval training for my mind. You see, typically I have found that when the body is moving the mind, especially the subconscious mind, it says “Hell yea. I’m free to do things”. So I listen to my mind while working out and it usually brings me pure, fearless thoughts for my books, the blog and my life as a whole. I later use these healthy thoughts to affect my life in positive ways. I have seen it work. To have an unwanted voice try to reach into my head during this time is unacceptable to me. The challenge can be to remember them. I use voice memos or even post it notes to help do this. This is especially useful when a thought of a scene or character in Tripio or BotW would show up and it would be hours before I could get to my laptop.

So, this morning when I’m on the cross trainer and a thought stealing commercial comes on, I will smile. I will simply remove the ear speakers calmly and begin my mental interval training. I will start “the climb”, which to reiterate, the part that does the most good. It strengthens my mind against unwanted distractions, interruptions and commercials. It make them easier to ignore, which of course is the last thing the folks behind the commercials want out of me. So, to them I say, bring them on. Make my mind clearer and stronger.

Oh and Thanks, Miley.

“May I help whose next?”

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