The Mind Garden

          As I promised in my first post, this is not a quick path to writing a bestseller. Before I go on, I cannot help but tell everyone that I just received a commitment for a blurb for Tripio from retired Starbucks President, Howard Behar.

      As an author who has written a novel of historical fiction in which Starbucks is a third of the plot, this is very exciting news. I am planning to publish Tripio on Amazon KDP on April 11th, 2019 by the way. But that is getting ahead of myself.

“Every thought is a force sent out” -James Allen

   It would have not been possible for me to have written Tripio if I have not first come to understand, at least to some degree, how the mind works. The words that appear on any page at any time anywhere do not just pop out of the blue. They are a product. They are a result. In fact, many times they are a collaboration of our three minds.

   The above image was useful for me in the year I spent at the School of Metaphysics (SOM), unlocking my thoughts and enabling my mind to be moved to a place where it could, and eventually, would create Tripio. From there, I have used, and for the purposes of this blog will continue to use, the term my “Mind Garden” to encompass all three minds.

My mind garden was still a wreck as I sat down for my first class at the SOM on April 28th, 2016. It was a rocky, weedy plot of ground. It was not ready for planting, growing, seeding. There are many reasons for that: grief, stress, self-pity, lots of drinking. You get the point. Did I mention drinking?  I did not yet understand as the class started that I had the shovel in hand, ready to crack open that plot of rocky, weedy earth and plant the seeds of Tripio.

Has it been a year since that was posted? Tripio has been published and is doing what it should be doing. I have been using my mind garden to work on my next novel entitled “Back outta the World“. I feel like I’ve done so much since I started this blog. I could go into it all. I have in fact. Right here in this blog. Well done, Jerry. I hope the next year is as rewarding.

“May I help who’s next?”

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