A dream for my novel

“Society often forgives the criminal….it never forgives the dreamer.

– Oscar Wilde

I am willing to write this post on the proposition that anyone reading it has had daydreams for their novel, whether it is finished yet or not. A side bet I would make is that the dreams are not of the novel ending up on top of hundreds of other copies with it’s cover ripped off, resting in peace at a Walmart Returns Warehouse.

No. Hell no. My dream for my novel,Tripio, is that it ends up being made into a movie, perhaps produced by Tom Hanks or a person of like stature.

That said, I have the opening in mind for Tripio’s film adaptation. This dream for Tripio has been in mind for a while. Now, luckily, I am sharing it with you. Roll it!

Dominic Cooper would be a good choice to play Jay

Establishing shot-exterior– A crowded Chicago street corner in the early 90’s. Intro music in background as a bus pulls up to the corner.

Interior shot of passengers getting off the bus– A handsome you man (me obviously) hurriedly stuffs a notebook into his backpack and gets off the bus.

Quick cut to interior of Starbucks. Though familiar, it is a 90’s location and the store is trashed, the line of customers is long and staff are disheveled and tired looking.

Exterior shot-1990’s vintage Starbucks on corner from earlier shot-The young man is seen from a distance entering the Starbucks. I think distance works here to enforce that the young man (Jay) is still alone with his thoughts.

Cut back to interior of the Starbucks– Jay enters the scene. This shot is from the espresso bar. Jay carries himself confidently but wearily as he knows the closing shift ahead will be long. He wanted to stay in his apartment and work on his novel. He looks for a place in the long line of customers to cut through so he can get behind the counter and punch in.

A shot of a dozen customers in line, none paying attention to Jay– We hear bits of their conversations. Jay decides on a place to cut through the line. It is between two older men. As Jay politely steps through the two older men, we hear their conversation:

First Man-played by me : “You don’t like coffee? Well wait until you try this stuff.

Second Man-played by Howard Schultz: “I’ll wait and see for myself.”

Jay pays no attention as he slides behind the counter. More customers have come in behind him. The two men continue to talk, oblivious to Jay. The line closes behind Jay as he disappears. This shot foreshadows that, later in the movie, Jay will be swallowed up by the growth of Starbucks.

I think it will make a great movie.

“May I help who’s next?”

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