Tripio The Novel

How I found my mind, brewed some coffee and wrote a novel

    I did not experience much writer’s block during the creation of Tripio. I believe that one big reason for that was I started preparing for the writing of it years ahead of time. No, I did fly to Italy for a week long writer’s retreat by the grave of a dead writer. I did not have the time nor the money to attend lots of classes, conferences or seminars.

I did begin a process of self-examination and evaluation that had nothing to do with writing. I had to clean my mind, body and soul. It sucked. It was a loss. The point of this post is to help you find your own voice, not to lay out the details of why I had to start my own journey. That will come later.


  For today I want to emphasize that I believe you can and will discover your own path to reveal your authentic, creative self and unblock the limitless mental energy we all possess and share. My own process was called growing my “Mind Garden”(see post #1). If you skipped reading it for now just know that your own creative voice can be utilized in many ways, not just in writing. One good example for me is how I helped raise four children not having a clue what the hell I was doing when I first started. I was able to find examples and inspiration from countless sources and that allowed me to grow into the job. I helped raise them on the fly, by the seat of my pants, creating “dad” day by day until it became second nature.

     I use that example of finding my unique voice because my creative parenting was neither intentional nor conscious. It goes to the point of writing in this way: I had no choice but to let “dad” come out of me. I felt like I had no attachments to how my parenting should look. It was with this same clean slate that I started Tripio . I had no plan for it. I did not have a genre selected. Or a projected word count. I did note in my SotM (Sketchbook of the Mind) around the time I started Tripio that is was a “novella for now”. Then, off I went. I am not saying it was easy. There is nothing easy about parenting or writing. In fact both require great effort, sacrifice and focused attention and intention. In retrospect, I believe I applied the skill developed as a parent to the writing of Tripio.

   Tripio started as just a type of creative energy. I was done raising young kids so that remaining energy had to go somewhere. Like my clueless entry into parenting, I started Tripio not seeing an clear end result in sight. I believe that this allowed me to keep my ego’s hands off Tripio and let the “novella for now” become Tripio.

Of course, there were several versions, two full blown passes with an editor and a million other details before Tripio was complete. It is not easy finding it, but we all have creative energy inside us. Plus, we have skills from other parts of our lives that can be applied to writing. And, you don’t have to have four kids to find yours. Just sayin’


                                                “May I help who’s next?”

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