Comment Box remorse

So much out there. So damn much. Too damn much. If you are reading this post then you have come to it by deciding to pass up millions of other blogs. First let me congratulate you on how wisely your are spending your time.

It isn’t easy to navigate once you click and fire up the internet. Like nearly all bloggers and writers, I am looking for ways to improve what I do. I do have regular blogs that I access for advise. They show up in my mailbox. I try to keep them to a manageable amount. But more keep appearing. They all sound appealing. I could improve my blog, my fiction, and even my mind by reading them. I have, I fact, achieved all three simply by doing what you are doing now.

I am well into the second year of this blog. I am going to publish my second novel this fall. Put some of those keywords into a search engine and the response would make War and Peace look like flash fiction.

So how do you know what works? Of course, you never know. You think, suspect, consider what may work for you and your book or blog. But you never know. That is because that writer of that post sent to your email box doesn’t know either. I say this now because I’m one of them. Earlier today I responded in the comment section of another post. I left sound, confident and useful advise that has worked for me. An hour or more late, I am suffer from “comment box remorse.” I think I just made that condition up. Possibly not. My comment sounded good, and more importantly made me sound like I knew what I was talking about. As of a few hours after posting my confidence is waning, my courage fading, the caffeine wearing off.

Like I said, my comment box response was something that had worked for me on my journey. There is wisdom in it. This particular comment included advice to ignore most the “static” out here in the blog sphere. To look at it from one angle, I am advising the author of the post to ignore my own comment.

What does does mean to you readers of this post? I’m not sure. I don’t know for sure. I think it is an indication I am an the write path though. Even a single senescent in a comment box should mean something, should come at some cost to it’s author, right? Yes, because true giving is giving from need. So it follows that real advice, or “static”, from your heart must produce a feeling of loss, or it’s not worth writing, clicking and posting.

May I help who’s next?

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