A Tripio back in time as Kevin Knox talks Starbucks

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Tripio excerpts– ‘My Amtrak is heading into suburban Chicago for real now. The Cosmodemonic might have a store in each suburb in a few years. Is there that much good coffee on the planet? There are rumblings of another roasting plant on the east coast. Cosmodemonic don’t play.

It had been rainy and cloudy for the last several days. The weather in Chicago was one of the reasons Cosmodemonic chose Chicago to expand outside the pacific northwest. Work was busy all weekend, to say the least.

I just nodded because I understood. Cosmodemonic store #204 had to hit a higher per transaction amount than last year. Of course. Why not? If we didn’t do better than last year, why even exist? After all, it made so much sense. Bigger. Stronger. Faster. Just like Steve Austin.”

Question for Kevin KnoxIn Tripio, Jay wonders to himself as he sees Starbucks growing so fast that there can’t be enough good coffee on the planet. Was that a concern in the early days? Even before the time of Tripio 1990-1994?

Kevin Knox talks Starbucks -I don’t think that was ever a concern. We knew that if we were willing to pay up and offer technical support to farmers there would always be plenty of great coffee, and that what our growth was doing was really more about rescuing outstanding single-origin coffees from large European roasters who had gotten used to buying the lion’s share of really exquisite specialty-grade coffees.

It might help you to know that our most important green coffee vendor (which we had in common with Peet’s) was based in Hamburg (List + Beisler Coffee).https://www.list-beisler.coffee/

Have you ever wondered – What it means to love and serve coffee?- If you answered yes then there is more Kevin talks Starbucks in a post from his blog that I would have been proud to author. Instead here’s the link!


Not your mom and dad’s can of coffee

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