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In a post a couple months ago, I said I didn’t really care too much what your choice of coffee beverage was. Sorry, if I have too much gravitas for cheap click bait, its just who I am. As a middle path, I offer a few ideas for gifts this season for the coffee lover on your list via Kevin Knox who is the “Coffee God” in my novel Tripio. If the coffee lover on your list isn’t impressed then they can take it up with Kevin. Or they can use a Starbucks gift card to buy cans of espresso he mentioned. So, there you go. On with the interview…

Question for Kevin Knox- Do you ever go to Starbucks? What do you order?

A- I try to avoid it but enjoy visiting Roastery Reserve stores where I can order one of the limited edition coffees brewed on the Clover. Those are the only coffees they sell that are of the caliber of all the single origin coffees we had in the early 90’s.

Starbucks Reserve Logo


Otherwise, the one and only Starbucks product I wholeheartedly recommend are the tiny little cans of Doubleshot Espresso with Cream. They taste exactly like they did with Dave Olsen invented them and are the best road trip coffee I know of.

Starbucks Doubleshot Espresso & Cream, 6.5 Fl. Oz, (4-Pack) - Walmart.com -  Walmart.com

Meanwhile I’m happily roasting the best coffee of my life on my front porch using a glorified hot air popcorn popper and stellar green beans from Sweet Maria’s.

Home Coffee Roasting

And Kevin liked my novel, Tripio. An ideal gift for the coffee loving reader on your list!

Comment now or think it over-both would be appreciatiated.

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