10 thoughts to think over or leave-ins for the mind

Below are entries from older journals, or as I call them, Sketchbooks of the MInd. They say that a keeping a journal is for the one writing in it. That is true. But whoever said that was not in the need of easy access content for a blog. A joke. These were for me at the time but I feel like they still apply and I do believe they will provoke some thought and reflection which you can apply as you want. Think of these as leave-ins for your mind.

Female Thinker Statue
I think I’ll think these leave-ins for the mind over
"Nothing wrong with sitting in the sun, just because it feels good"
"You cannot expect to fight a battle against your own life and expect a victory"
"If you are not utilizing the exceptions from time to time, then you are not truly following the rules."
"When I write, I try to do it with the knowledge, the belief, that everyone else has a story to tell and that their story is way more interesting than mine"
"There are no excuses that the passing of time will honor."
"Phone in hand we can find limitless causes for the condition we are in."
"The first step on the journey towards enlightenment should not be taken until the bowels have been satisfactorily emptied."
"Look for the meaning.'
'It is extremely difficult to find something more tedious, exhausting and useless than to sit and listen to someone tell you what they are going to do.
"We do not owe yesterday anything."

May I help who’s next?

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