VanGogh & Tripio are shaking the content tree

          “Just dash something down if you see a blank canvas staring at you with a certain imbecility

I wrote that

Painters block?

I take this blog seriously. I know I have come to use humor more frequently as the blog goes on.  However I believe that is an indication of growing confidence in the blog itself. The humor, mostly self-deprecating, is an attempt to create an enjoyable, unique experience for anyone reading the blog. I feel responsible to put out a good post even if it is read by a single person.

But this week, I have devoted the mental energy usually spent writing the blog to the countless other details required to sustain and maintain a published novel on Amazon. In addition I am occupied with the progress of novel number two, following other blogs and the housekeeping required to manage it all. As such, last night arrived and I found myself without a topic in my head for this morning’s first draft. It is the end of the week, the time when I usually begin work on my Monday post. Mildly panicked, I did glance over some books I have around that I sometimes refer to for inspiration. They provided none. 

Shaking the content tree

Earlier this week I had met a fellow ex-Starbucks barista. We exchanged battle stories and favorite coffee drinks. I promised I would drop off a signed copy of Tripio when I returned next week. Consequently, Tripio was in my head more than usual since then. However, I could not dredge a post from it all week. Then I tried movement. I wondered around the house hoping to shake the content tree. I can usually pick up fallen fruit off the content tree after I step away from the laptop and move around a bit. Letters to Theo, by Vincent VanGogh came into my mind. I went upstairs to retrieve my copy, brought it downstairs and did nothing further with it. It was too late. I was past writing but was confident I would find something in Letters to use in the morning.

Letters to Theo It is an important part of Tripio. If you google Van Gogh you will discover he was, the letters to his brother aside, a painter. You will find the book mentioned by Jay, Tripio’s main character, in this excerpt – “One must not wait for it to reveal itself. By painting one becomes a painter. That must be from Letters to Theo.

Starry, starry Starbucks

Jay isn’t trying to become a painter. But he is sure that he can apply Van Gogh’s wisdom to his own life and write novels. Jay questions himself throughout Tripio. Will he just write and not worry so much about anything else? Will he do the right thing by taking Van Gogh’s wisdom to heart? Will he write and forsake the promising career he had in front of him at a new and growing company called Starbucks? Will he stop writing to become the man he was meant to be? Van Gogh was shaking the content tree pretty hard in Tripio as you can see.

As for today’s post, Van Gogh provided the inspiration again. This morning, after brewing my doppio followed by a pot of coffee backer, I picked up that same, beaten up copy of Letters to Theo. I opened it. Then, I swear that I am not making this up, I turned to and read the paragraph containing the quote:

 “Just dash something down if you see a blank canvas staring at you with a certain imbecility

 And so the canvas, as you have read, is no longer blank.


May I help who’s next?

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  1. Your post gave me comfort since I too am writing a book, a memoir and have been stuck for a while. My titled started out too simple I was told. So I kept changing it and I think I have settled on…well…still not sure. I know I just need to start writing and let the words fly to the wind and not stop till the wind stops. Honestly I have become lazy in the writing. We are in the middle of a major move and I just want the move over with so I can get back to business but I know it will always be something that will call laziness into my life. I will admit, your post has given me a little push to get into it again, after I read a few more blogs and answers a few more comment, then it will be supper time. God this is hard.

    1. You said it. I am only just now getting used to the blogging part of it. I apologize for the delayed response. I would say keep writing. I have been told that many times. My twist is to keep grinding away since it is a coffee related term. In either case, best of luck.!

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