More leave ins for the mind

I think of my journals, my sketchbooks of the mind, as both landing spots and launching pads for thoughts. The pages are book marks for storing mental energy. These bits of mental energy have been stored on my journal pages for a bit now. They landed from my mind and are ready to be launched elsewhere. I hope they serve you well.

Brief history of rockets – timeline — Science Learning Hub
A leave in leaving one of my journals

The mind is only one click away from your purse, wallet or credit card

Mistakes are self created learning opportunities

You can only really see the big picture when it is still small

Prepare for the long haul but take a few swings at the long ball

There are a lot of people doing a lot of jobs a lot worse than mine

Talent, if there is such a thing, is hard work photoshopped

As a writer, when you are writing, you must not be the one telling the story

I spent yesterday making tomorrow a good day

It is good to do what you can, but even better to do what you can’t

You can’t go through each day looking for sharpened pencil

Before you spout it, doubt it

If there are only two sides to your story, don’t bother telling it

If one of us is, then we all are, because we all are one

They say journals are for the one writing them, but…

Comment now or think it over-both would be appreciatiated.

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