Chasing the external

                         “O seeker, know that the path to Truth is within you” -Sufi Sheikh Badrutdin


The chase is on


I don’t get is sometimes. All this chasing the external. Chasing clicks, likes, sales, external validation. I just don’t. There isn’t anything of true lasting value out there. It distracts me more than anything else. It demotivates me, it annoys me, it takes the desire and pure fun out of it all. I simply don’t want any part of it. The real reward is found inward and is pursued and practiced in anonymity.

So why bother posting at all? I like to post. I enjoy watching my thoughts assume the shape of words, paragraphs and posts. It is fun and a good practice for a early rising person such as myself. What better way to spend the hours before the worlds gets started than to contemplate, read or write in the time when the new day is being created? Now is the time for this day will never come again. It is a time of renewal. A time to take the unlimited possibility the new day offers and add ones’ own energy.

Trying to catch something that never moves



It is not that I am being selfish or self-righteous about any of this. I just don’t see the point of chasing the external, of taking my place in line in the “consensus trance” of fleeting external validation. Simply and incorrectly stated: that don’t motivate me. I am finding that when I don’t blog, a spark is missing from my being. So I hit these keys.

I feel better now after hacking these words out than I did fifteen minutes ago. That is my motivation here. I suppose that I am being selfish here, but what do I care? It works for me.

If my internal journey, whose true worth is not measured in clicks or likes, is any real value then only I will know. Hey, I didn’t make the rules.

It really does work for me


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