Commodity me?

                                                        Commodity me?

This is nothing more than a hobby, a pastime, a vitally absorbing creative interest. That is what it was when I started and what I need it be, what it must be. That is all. I am free to do anything with this post, with anything I write in a longer format because the end, the goal is the process. The vitally absorbing creative interest appears out here but the true destination is the mind. Going outward to find the inward, in other wards. Words, I mean.

My mind is clear, energized and productive at 7:01 on this Sunday morning. I moved my laptop out onto my porch in order to channel the wisdom of the breeze and the trees. I am managing my mental energy now, not the clock, not what I have to do later. The morning breeze and swaying trees don’t care what’s next. That is what I am trying to capture here. Can you feel it?

The Great “We”

Is there a value for anyone else in this post but me? In a way, I hope not. Because, I am writing this for me. If writing a post keeps my mind, body and soul calm, clear and energized then I have done my share. I have done my part for the great “we”, contributed to the world of interbeing. In writing this I am working to contribute to that connecting web we all share. It is the only sustainable way to make this world a better place anyway. Will it sell books and generate clicks and comments. I hope so, if they are coming from the breeze and the trees.


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