Ten wisdoms for a dollar



Ten wisdoms for a dollar

Several months ago I went to book sale. It was the last day of the 3 day event. In keeping with book sale tradition the last day is usually called bag day or box of books day. Bring a box or bag, cram it with books and pay 5 bucks for the lot. That’s me. I have hard time resisting a deal. I think I passed this on to my young adult children, most obviously to my daughter. Five summers ago, can it be that long ago?- we were in Chicago. I was doing research -can I really call it that?- on my historical fiction novel, Tripio, set in Chicago and she was taking in the big city. We found ourselves at  a book sale at Chicago Public Library on bag day.  I had a great time, as one does, searching through the tables and titles. My daughter did too, getting about two dozen titles of all shapes and sizes. I joked that we need a U-Haul instead of a taxi to get back to the hotel.

A book bags me

At the Chicago book event, I was looking for certain titles and favorite authors. This most recent bag day, I was not. Only, a book found me anyway. You see, at this event I was crawling out of the wreckage of a bad time in my life -who hasn’t had such a streak of hours, days, weeks, months? I went to this book fair to re-acquaint myself with people and the ability to go where I wanted, when I wanted.

However, I did not have a mental list of authors or books. I was in search of a book or books, but was not relying on my eyes. So my book found me -sounds strange doesn’t it? (Is this device annoying you yet?). The book in question was Essential Spirituality. It was a dollar and the book simply and obviously put itself in my hands. It turns out that it was only book I bought on this bag day. But it has provided me with enough thought, value and wisdom utility to be worth a bag of books on its own.

Over the last few months I have read from Essential Spirituality every morning. Below are some of my favorite wisdoms, from many the sources found within Essential Spirituality. I have taken the liberty to walk among them, going where I want, when I want. Have fun!

    The ten wisdoms for free


  • The mind and body are so closely linked that to change on is to change the other.
  • To understand is to forgive.        Before you attempt this on other folk, try it on yourself. I am getting there.
  • Fear thrives in darkness and ignorance.
  • A person attempting to grow beyond the usual conventional level cannot expect much support from society
  • Pleasure seeking inevitably produces suffering, both for yourself and others.       I can vouch for this one
  • We do not usually fear reality, what is actually happening, but rather our own thoughts and fantasies about what may happen.     This is why Insurance companies can afford to bombard us with ads
  • The superior person is the master of of things, the small person is their slave.  
  • Cognitive Incapacitation.    My acquaintances who tune to Fox news tell me it best watched when the mind has entered this state
  • The only true wisdom lives far from mankind.   Time for me to take a walk in the woods
  • There are as many ways to God as there are created souls.    Too beautiful for comment


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