You might possess a morningness chronotype if…

10 questions to verify your morningness chronotype

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Morningness-eveningness or chronotype is an individual difference trait1. This trait refers to the sleep-wake behavior (preferred bed times and wake times), as well as to times preferred for peak cognitive and physical performance and to psychological aspects, such as affect (e.g., the feeling after awakening). Some people are early risers that get up early, but go to bed early in contrast to people that get up late and go to bed late. Morning types (sometimes colloquially labelled as ‘larks’) usually feel refreshed soon after awakening and have their peak cognitive performance in the morning.

Like me, you might posses a monringness chronotype


  • If you wake up, roll over, see that the clock reads 5:58 and feel good because you’ve slept it. On a Sunday.
  • You enjoy the view from your front porch-before the sun is up.
  • Your know the meaning of antelucan because it describes your favorite time of day.
  • When you’ve been up and writing for an hour or so before heading to work, and your start time is 6 a.m.
  • When your son texts you asking you to get him to the airport at 5:45 on a Saturday morning. And you text back ‘That fits into my schedule”
  • You’ve been up long enough on weekends to want a nap before Sunday Brunch.
  • You can verify whether it is actually darkest just before dawn.
  • It’s your job to wake up the “pre-dawn” hours.
  • You are up weeing before the wee small hours do.
  • You can observe and marvel at just how calm and beautiful this world really is.
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Is Jeff Foxworthy a lark or an owl?

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