Ten more leave ins for the mind


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           10 more “leaves ins” to apply to the mind, not the hair

  • Writing is a harmless way of expressing something inside is that has to come out.
  • All you are ever going to be is the person you are today.
  • In empty handed stillness, the mind can become clear.
  •  (I find that) journaling first thing in the morning is like defrosting my windshield before heading out to start a cold winter day.
  • The mind cannot be at the right place at the right time until it is sitting still.
  • The small disruptions and interruptions of daily life are there not to pursue, but to bring attention back to our intentions.
  • Asking money to bring you happiness is like asking a pebble to explain the mountain.
  • If you “find” yourself in a bad mood, then you’ve probably been following someone else’s directions to get there.
  • To sleep deeply, live simply.
  • Our needs never change, our wants always do.
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I think “empty handed” means “device free”