Ten more leave ins for the mind




Ten More Leave-ins for the mind


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I haven’t left you. I’m trying to get Ironjaws out by Labor Day. I will leave these ten leave-ins for the mind with you though.
  • Write your novels, prose and poetry like you don’t them back.
  • Leave your writing in the present, and your books in the future.
  • It’s the feeling put into the words that count, not the word count.
  • When writing try not to chase, nor attempt to catch, other people’s short attention spans.
  • The only real value in writing, the lasting payback to yourself, is that it can help you understand who you are. From there, you can do the most good in this world.
  • There are so many books, blogs, webinars, classes and articles on how to write that it seems everyone knows how to do it but me.
  • Write when you have filled the pen with marrow of your bones. But be sure to edit later.
  • Write what you have to write in the way you have to write it
  • The rules of writing are just another collection of exceptions.


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Easier posted than done. I should know.

Comment now or think it over-both would be appreciatiated.

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