National Espresso Day



Have an espresso today.

Today is National Espresso Day. I have a doppio everyday. If you don’t know what a doppio is, then its fair to say you won’t know what an espresso is. If you read the link above then you will get a good idea of what the drink is.

The most relevant point in the article for today is that espresso, in the form we celebrate today is a product of a process of brewing. The water in your home brewer or any drip format, is contacted with the grounds slowly and under no pressure. Well, there is always a little when you need that first cup. Joking aside, the water goes around the grounds on it’s way to the pot or decanter.

What is espresso ?

In creating espresso, the water is under true psi pressure and is forced through the coffee grounds. That is the difference between a cup of drip coffee and an espresso.

Back to my everyday doppio, which means two, or double. I have one everyone morning created on an old Krups espresso machine.

I sit with my doppio and make a few journal entries as a way of waking up the nerves and mind. In that five or ten minute span, I note the time of morning and quality of my doppio. Here are just a few entries.

  • Tuesday July 5  5:45 a.m.     Strong ass doppio.
  • Tuesday August 2 4:43 a.m.   Slightly better doppio
  • Friday September 9 6:16 a.m.   Great doppio-rich, creamy, full flavored, damn good
  • Wednesday November 2 5:30 a.m.   Fab doppio
  • Wednesday November 23 5:17 a.m.  Good ass doppio

This is an espresso. There is no drink called expresso.


Don’t try this at home. I was a barista for many years. One can’t just fall out of bed and make sweet, full bodied espresso topped with golden crema. I’m the exception.

If you look around your local coffee house you may see an Espresso Roast, or be asked do want that ground for espresso? And any bearded roast master worth his out of season knit toboggan will have his own espresso blend. Confusing?

Not to worry. Just know that today is for the drink espresso. It will be served in a small cup, which should be warm,  with a saucer. Prepared properly it will should fully flavored with a sweet finish. I would tell you what to expect to pay but have no idea since as you now know, I always make mine at home. Good luck!

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The article in the link says espresso last an hour. It is best consumed moments after it is served. Why didn’t they just ask me?

Comment now or think it over-both would be appreciatiated.

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