Take the time, it passes anyway

Take the time

We live in a world where brevity is prized. Hacks, links, flash fiction. I could think of more but I just don’t have the time. Ha. Ha. If you can say it quickly enough it doesn’t even have to make sense, like a tweet.

Seriously though, if the prize or reward doesn’t cost time or thought, its not worth having. Or it has no enduring or lasting value, so you want another one, and another and another. While that is a great set up for the folks on the other end, telling you how great it is to use, have, or experience something so easily that you barely have to think, it actually diminishes the experience as a whole.

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Feel the pain

I’m taking a stand on my blog. I am calling to reverse this trend. Take the time to think, consider, review. In short (a  joke)  just take the time to feel the pain, inconvenience, effort of doing something because that is what makes it worthwhile, creates a lasting appreciation for what you have just experienced. Not my idea, it’s just the human condition people, so work with it.

I’m starting small in my crusade against the inanity of brevity. I have a list of words that should not be shortened. Without further ado, unless you want to take the time, feel the experience, of clicking the provided link and learn where that idiom originated, here goes:

Pod- Short for podcast. But without the cast part, there is no podcast. It’s like casting your fishing pole without the hook and line. Or bait.

Fest- An oldie but a goodie. It brings to mind infestation, and other not so pleasant events.

Appointment- Please keep using this word. It flows well, can’t really be confusing unless you call to cancel it, then you have nothing to cancel.

There you go. Short, sweet and hopefully it cost you at least a little time to read.

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I do like blog, which is short for web log.

Comment now or think it over-both would be appreciatiated.

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