my coffee home

The front porch of my coffee home


My Coffee Home

I am out here now. It is dark, before dawn but everything is the photo above is there, expect me of course. I am enjoying my coffee and writing a bit out the front porch of my coffee home. Look at that. I have it made. I appreciate every second that I can sit there and write and drink my coffee.

That is what I was doing when my marketing materials arrived. The UPS guy pulled up in front of my coffee home and hopped out of his truck. We nodded to each other and he left put a cardboard box just about where I took this photo.  I did not have to move. I knew that Tom at Coffee Homes had sent me the package a few days ago.

Coffee Homes

Coffee Homes is working with me to cross promote my upcoming novel, The Trier. I will let Coffee Homes define their work below

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“Our mission at Coffee Homes is to improve the lives of coffee workers in Colombia and Honduras by addressing the pressing need for safe and decent housing. We strive to empower and uplift the coffee community through our theme of ‘Coffee People Caring About Coffee People’, by building homes that provide dignity, stability, and security for the individuals who produce the coffee we all love. We believe that by investing in the well-being of coffee workers, we can improve the overall sustainability and quality of the coffee industry, and create a brighter future for all.”

Colombia Partnership (

The value of a Coffee Home

Don’t get me wrong here. I have always appreciated my home, which happens to have this porch to sit on and drink coffee and write this post. And my coffee home has a drip brewer, espresso machine, hot water, washer and dryer, sinks, stove, fridge, beds, basement, back porch, small garden in back, electricity, ceiling fans, hardwood floors, AC, and the list goes on.

But a reminder once it a while doesn’t’ hurt. That is what the UPS guy really left for me.

The list above consists of visible, material things. The real value of my coffee home, however, lies in the dignity, stability and security it has given me for well over two decades. If given a choice, you can take the material things away from me, I’m sick of cleaning and fixing them anyway.

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May be time to clean the lint screen on the dryer




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