Read to your kids


Read to your kids

The photo above is of me, Jay, from the epilogue of Tripio. Besides a dashing, handsome, and still young man, what do you see? I see so much that it is difficult to even write this post. I have no idea where or how to even start. Maybe that is why I messed around so long with applying the photo itself. I was “resisting” starting this post. 

As I said, this photo would be from the time of the epilogue of Tripio, when Jay has left Chicago, Starbucks, and it’s 268 shares of IPO stock behind for good. He doesn’t look that dumb in the photo, does he? Yes, no, maybe? That is up to the readers of Tripio to decide.

 Look a little more closely and you will see a wannabe writer who has had to stop writing and give up his dream of becoming a novelist. He will only have time read a bit and take a few notes now and again in his journals (Sketchbooks of the Mind, as Jay calls his journals in Tripio). By reading, I mean mostly read children’s books.

I say children’s books because if you look even closer you will see that the man in the photo is married, has two young sons and is working hard to support them. In fact, on break, he may be headed to the children’s books section of MegaBooks to buy some marked down hardback children’s books that he would read to his two young sons. Over and over again.

I did 

As I write this post, some of those books are still on a shelf upstairs in the special spot I set aside.  In Tripio, Jay calls buying those books, “the best investment I ever made”.

It still is. 

Sorry to interrupt this four year old post. I certainly feel like I’ve gotten way better at writing posts. And novels, for that matter.  All that has taken place over the three years since I wrote this. It has been much longer since I read to my kids. If you are a parent, read to the kiddos. Ok, back to the old one…

That is the best I can do in putting that photo in the context of Tripio. I hope it interested you in the book. I think I did a good job of keeping my observations short enough to fit into a blog post. Writing it created a desire in me to want to go upstairs and look through those old children’s books I bought years ago.

                                               “May I help who’s next?”

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  1. Touching and thought provoking. Now you and four find adults are pursuing your dreams.

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