10 thoughts to think over

Ten thoughts I wrote down

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Don’t translate, answer.”

Those were the instruction from my Russian professor in college. He wanted his students to answer his questions posed in Russian as responses, not having taken the extra step to translate from Russian to English to Russian to answer. I have something similar in mind with the thoughts I’m listing below. They are collected from my Sketchbooks of the Mind (journals) from the recent past. When you read them, just think them over. No need to like, comment or even agree or disagree.

I’m not after clicks, as is so often the intent of list posts. In other words, “Don’t click, think”. Have fun…

1.One cannot breathe yesterday's air
2.The universal truths are universal because the truth in them is different for everyone
3.My mind is my dedicated work space
4.If you don't posses it, you can not address it
5.If you can't let it go, at least let it flow
6.America is the land of cardboard boxes
7.The journey is not difficult once you decided to take it
8.Live cheaply to sleep deeply
9.It's not the book, the painting, the creation that matters, but what the creation creates that is most important
10.My life is hard enough for me to appreciate just how easy it is


This is a repost. The thoughts still apply.


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  1. Wow you have sketchbooks of the mind? I journal every day, but I’ve never thought to think of my journals as a place to jot down memories. Perhaps I’ll need to reframe my practice. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thanks! I like how you refereed to your journalism as a practice! I feel the same way about my journals…like a yoga practice, it can tell you a bit of something new about yourself every day.

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