I owe the planet for my coffee

I owe the planet for my coffee

A repost for International Coffee Day


I owe the planet for all the coffee I’ve consumed over the years. So, when I was invited to the Hooser Climate Party on Indianapolis’s Massachusetts Avenue, I had to attend.

The invitation was extended as a indirect result of the recent book signing event for my novel, The Trier. In the novel, the “bad guy”, Kaldi, is running through time from the forest spirits of Ethiopia for not leaving his tribute to the forest for having discovered the coffee and all it’s wonderful attributes. I felt that I could not write a book with a plot line like that and not leave my own tribute, as it were.


Starting to pay it back

I went to the Climate Party in part to see what I could do closer to home, and in the present, to combat global warming, climate change, and the failure to pay the planet back for what it has provided us.

I knew none of the several hundred people at the event. The plan for the evening was for folks from all walks of life to get to know each other, talk, and trade experiences on trying to become carbon neutral. It turns out that I am not as far along as I thought, plot line of my published book notwithstanding.

The intention for the event was not to shame people for what they haven’t done. It was meant as a starting point for people who didn’t know where else to start on the path to becoming carbon neutral in their lives. I listened, ate some free food, and even forced myself to meet people, which was not easy for me.


Toward the end of my time I ventured to the table holding the tree and tablet next to it.  Your answer was meant to be written on one of the ribbons and on the cardboard tablet. I was one on the few who wrote both on the cardboard tablet and ribbon. Can’t help that self-publishing is in my blood.

I still drink my coffee but will leave my tribute going forward

My answer was obvious…”my coffee.” It was a gesture, a quick thought acted upon. The latter is the same process that has taken us to the point where we have to do something about the climate. The same week of the event in Indy, the world experienced it’s hottest month on record. My quick thought acted upon could have been tossing a plastic water bottle onto the curb. Or not. I can keep a box or bag in my car for the water bottles and recycle them at the end of the week. Perhaps I can plant a garden, or take the bus to work once a week.

The list of options is longer than my novel. I think is was a Hoosier legend name John Wooden who said that little things make big things happen.

And if I have to act on a couple little, quick thoughts from time to time to help the generous planet, I suspect that I will enjoy my coffee even more.



I just feel like people don’t think about policy and regulations with an empty plastic bottle in their hand.
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