Readers direct to author

    Author Directed I have been committed to self-publishing, author directed publishing, or whatever you may call it for  a while now. I can pinpoint it to the day I took a Basics of Self-Publishing class at the IWC, taught by YA author Robert Kent.  November 4th, 2018. In that time, I have posted […]

Work on it

The chain is broken Melted in the flame of my knowledge. Turning his face from the fruit, He needs nothing;       Work In a week I am going to set up my book table at the Cincinnati Coffee Festival.  Last year I was there as a humble coffee lover with one novel to […]

A very short history of coffee

A fun repost for International Coffee Day 2023 I know that I was poking fun at brevity in a recent post, but here I go. I’ve been reading way too much on the history of coffee, so this was just a way of letting of some mind steam. The History of coffee on the back […]

I review ten great coffee loving authors

If these ten authors were my customers at my coffee house I can imagine having coffee without writing. I cannot imagine writing without coffee in me or at least nearby. In the evenings, I often sit with a mug nearby with no intention of drinking it. It helps me write just to have it nearby. […]

The (ten) Myth(s) of Kaldi

  Many an independent coffee house features a Kaldi’s Blend. If you asked ten different baristas what was in the Kaldi’s Blend you would most likely get ten different responses. It may be a blend of any two varietals. There may be a third in for fun. Is it any wonder? I roasted a few […]