What if I stayed at Starbucks?

      “I think I wrote Tripio in part to close the loop of “what if”?”  Those are my words from an email to Kevin Knox. I was thanking him for reading Tripio and providing the great blurb I used on the back cover.  The “what if?” refers to the proposition embedded in Tripio that Jay could […]

Fear is now my bitch

                   “Have a little faith baby, have a little faith.”  Oddball-Kelly’s Heroes      I made it home Friday around five p.m. after a cold, physically tiring work week. As soon as possible, I took a soothing hot shower, in which I envisioned the work week literally being washed down the drain. Dried off, I opened my email. […]

A dream of Tripio

 I spent yesterday doing lots of laundry, food preparation and watching sports on TV. In and around these day to day activities I looked through some old journals (Sketchbooks of the Mind) for topics for posts. Luckily for you I found quite an interesting reference to “my Starbucks story”.      The excerpt I found was written […]

My self published masterpiece

SOMEDAY EVERYTHING IS GONNA BE DIFFERENT            I few nights ago I watched “I’m Not in it For My Health” which is a documentary on Levon Helm. The DVD around for a while on loan from the library and I had put off watching it because I knew that Levon had died in 2012. It was […]

A trip to Starbucks

  I woke up refreshed this morning after a surprisingly good night’s rest. I say surprising because I did not sleep in my own bed but slept on a roll out couch at my mom’s condo. Most people do not sleep well out of their routine and I am no exception.    Thankfully though I am up, […]

Terror at the Town Hall Pub

    Writing is not easy. It is not as easy as it sounds to sit down and write a good story. The relative difficulty of any writing effort takes a giant step into the Terrordome (apologies to PE) when you think of your creation being read by real living, breathing, thinking people.     In blog #12 I […]

Howard Schultz’s Card

    I just opened a folder that was steps away from where I now sit. I wanted to find a business card in order to use an email address I knew was there. I opened that folder and discovered the long lost Christmas Card Howard Schultz sent me. I was unable to move for a moment. […]

Red Apron recipes-some help for writers

Red apron recipe #1 Ready in hours, days or weeks    I realize that when we hear the word “recipe” we visualize a list of ingredients. Much the same happens when we hear the words “writing” or “book”. We visualize words on a page. We image an old Dickensian desk lit by a candle. Hunched into […]

Too east to publish?

A couple evenings ago my son, who is a Purdue grad and data analyst, and I sat down in his room and could have published Tripio.  I like to refer to my son as my “tech support” for the job of self-publishing Tripio. He is way more proficient and comfortable doing anything on the computer […]

April 11-the day, so far

Good morning! I woke up this morning to see that Tripio was on my Kindle! It looks great, especially the “Ad” that I had worked so hard on finding. Thanks to one and all who bought Tripio on Kindle. As of 6:30 the cover for the paperback has not been approved. I have already contacted […]