Funk off, external validation

  Funk off A funny thing happened to me yesterday on the way to do my grocery shopping. This was after I went back inside to find my cloth face mask. As I drove off with my mask in the car I began singing aloud to an old Funk Compilation CD that I have been […]

Please answer this question!

And the question is this. The following is the question: Do you know what a Tripio is? Have you heard or seen it used anywhere in any context? I know that is actually two questions but there may be two parts to any given answer so… The reason I am seeking help from you all […]

When Amazon was a river

I have done it now. I have just signed up for a class at the Indiana Writer’s Center called “How to sell more books on Amazon”. As some of you know, my historical fiction , or “Starbucks”novel, Tripio, was published on Amazon last year on April 13th. I’m sure a lot of you are asking […]

No time to write

     I like to record old movies from TCM. They are free from commercials and any additional cost. I am not alone in liking these advantages. I am especially fond of the classic black and white noir films. I recently watched Gilda. I reference it not because it has anything to do with Tripio but because […]