Don’t cut across my yard!

These long summer days find us making due in any way we can. Lots of adapting, adopting and refitting our summer this year to accommodate the Pandemic. One thing all this has done for me is that it has triggered memories of times when I had to make my own fun. The long summer days […]

The dead Python Post

I saw that Terry Gilliam was in the headlines saying things that get one on the front page of Yahoo. I was outraged. I was offended at his lack of sensitivity to people everywhere! How could he say such things? My hands trembled in a state of self-righteous indignation, clutching my phone, ready to send […]

Picasso horse

                 Computers are useless-all they can give you are answers.  –Pablo Picasso In Tripio, Jay is suddenly transferred from his nearby Starbucks to a location in suburban Chicago. He has no car so must rise at four a.m. to make the two train commute. He has to first take the El downtown and then walk several […]

My mind code

       I am very protective of my mind. Not my brain. In order to appreciate this blog in its length and breadth, especially the few posts that don’t directly concern my crass, yet entertaining attempts to sell Tripio, that must be made clear. Take my brain, please. Take it and the five senses that it […]