Ten wisdoms for a dollar

    Ten wisdoms for a dollar Several months ago I went to book sale. It was the last day of the 3 day event. In keeping with book sale tradition the last day is usually called bag day or box of books day. Bring a box or bag, cram it with books and pay... Continue Reading →

The visit revisted

My view from store #204 In Tripio, the protagonist Jay works at a Starbucks store located near Lincoln Park on the corner of Clark, Diversey and Broadway. In the novel Tripio, for the sake of brevity and authenticity, I refer to it simply as store #204. It was already beat up and worn out when... Continue Reading →

Russian Women and Doubt

   “Just saw Taxi Blues at the glorious Music Box Theatre. There were women speaking Russian in the lobby.” That is an excerpt from my Sketchbook of the Mind that I began on October 4, 1990. It is the first journal, or SotM, of the years I lived in Chicago. Those journals and many entries just... Continue Reading →

Picasso horse

                 Computers are useless-all they can give you are answers.  --Pablo Picasso In Tripio, Jay is suddenly transferred from his nearby Starbucks to a location in suburban Chicago. He has no car so must rise at four a.m. to make the two train commute. He has to first take the El downtown and then walk several... Continue Reading →

I couldn’t give it away-Part 2

    “Here goes.”     I stepped down from the small but elevated stage at Indy Reads Books  with copies of Tripio in hand and headed for the shelves. The store closed in ten minutes and I had decided to give my novel away. No matter that it had been born in a series of journals I kept... Continue Reading →

Terror at the Town Hall Pub

    Writing is not easy. It is not as easy as it sounds to sit down and write a good story. The relative difficulty of any writing effort takes a giant step into the Terrordome (apologies to PE) when you think of your creation being read by real living, breathing, thinking people.     In blog #12 I... Continue Reading →

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