Gone fishing

  Hello from Rainbow Lake! I’m not really at a lake fishing. I haven’t been posting much because I am getting closer to publishing my YA fishing basketball novella, Ironjaws. Yes, it is a novella that combines basketball and fishing. Can’t be too many of those out there. But the world at large doesn’t seem […]

Time for an editor

Talk is cheap It is time for an editor. If it were that easy. Just like any piece of advice given away, it is given away for a reason. It is easy to say and not easy to do. If you have read this blog for the last year, you know that I have found […]

From fear to eternity

              “What can we gain by sailing to the moon if we are not able to cross the abyss that separates us from ourselves?”                                                   […]

The editor in my crawlspace

THE SEARCH IS ON FOR AN EDITOR I’m in the process of finding an editor for my next novel. I am in the process of searching for answers, looking for outside help. I am in the need of expert assistance for something I can’t do as well as they could. This happens so often in […]

Why am I doing this?

  Always open for business  I feel like I’ve hit a wall. Not creatively. That doesn’t really happen to me. As I say repeatedly, I do most of my writing away from this keyboard. In fact, I have spent the last two days “writing” the next story for my Altonstreet & Philpatrick series. These stories […]

The Starbucks want ad

                           Going home again to find the want ad     Was it Thomas Wolfe who said you can’t go home again? Not sure why he said it. For me it was easy to jump in my car and drove two hours east to my birthplace of Dayton, Ohio. I wasn’t trying to prove him wrong or […]