I couldn’t give it away-Part 1

        I am an hour into my book release event at Indy Reads Books. My first public attempt to get the word out for my historical fiction novel, Tripio. The first attempt to get the word out about this very personal, private book. So personal that there are parts of the book that reveal things that... Continue Reading →

The heart and soul of Tripio

     Yesterday when my son came home from work he announced he was moving back out of the house. It was only a matter of time. He had lived away at Purdue for four years and has quite a good job and a nice new car. Still, I was in no hurry to see him go,... Continue Reading →

What if I stayed at Starbucks?

      “I think I wrote Tripio in part to close the loop of "what if”?”  Those are my words from an email to Kevin Knox. I was thanking him for reading Tripio and providing the great blurb I used on the back cover.  The “what if?” refers to the proposition embedded in Tripio that Jay could... Continue Reading →

Fear is now my bitch

                   “Have a little faith baby, have a little faith.”  Oddball-Kelly’s Heroes      I made it home Friday around five p.m. after a cold, physically tiring work week. As soon as possible, I took a soothing hot shower, in which I envisioned the work week literally being washed down the drain. Dried off, I opened my email.... Continue Reading →

Terror at the Town Hall Pub

    Writing is not easy. It is not as easy as it sounds to sit down and write a good story. The relative difficulty of any writing effort takes a giant step into the Terrordome (apologies to PE) when you think of your creation being read by real living, breathing, thinking people.     In blog #12 I... Continue Reading →

Why April 11th?

                     I will do my best to tell you all why I chose april 11th as the release date for Tripio. I have hesitated up until now because that date is integral to the plotline that has the most built in drama in Tripio, especially for the readers of the book who don’t already know... Continue Reading →

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