The Mind Garden

          As I promised in my first post, this is not a quick path to writing a bestseller. Before I go on, I cannot help but tell everyone that I just received a commitment for a blurb for Tripio from retired Starbucks President, Howard Behar.       As an author who has written a novel of historical... Continue Reading →

Beware of thought theft

        It’s nearly 2:30 in the afternoon. I’ve been going hard on my job as a route driver since I pulled my truck out of our facility at seven a.m. I have worked on catching up since then but am still way behind. To make it worse I need to stop to get gas which will... Continue Reading →

Wait! Don’t start writing yet…

      Sure, I have novel on Amazon. Who doesn’t? I have been working on the already completed sequeal, prequeal to Tripio entitled Back outta the Wordl. The Pandemic has created serious obstactile to my to my “Glorious 5-Year plan’ to publish novel a year for the next four years. If it weren't that, another challenge would... Continue Reading →

What I see in the cover part 2

     Today I reached a milestone on the journey of Tripio. I had my last meeting with the artist who did the cover art. His field of specialty is fashion and design but circumstance created the interest and opportunity for him to take on creating the cover art for a book. It was all meant to... Continue Reading →

My mind code

       I am very protective of my mind. Not my brain. In order to appreciate this blog in its length and breadth, especially the few posts that don’t directly concern my crass, yet entertaining attempts to sell Tripio, that must be made clear. Take my brain, please. Take it and the five senses that it... Continue Reading →

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