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Is this fiction?

    Is this fiction? "Is this fiction?" But he wasn't asking me. The young man checking me out at Von's on the campus of Purdue University had asked his colleague if my purchase, Don Quixote, was fiction. With the category clarified, he returned to face me with an apology along the lines that he... Continue Reading →

My Writing Prompt

I bailed out on my writer's group prompt last Friday. It was a long workday on a Friday and that was before the two-hour skull session, which concluded with a 30-minute prompt. I will be revisiting the writer's group a good deal in future blogs. For now, I wanted to send a gratitude to A... Continue Reading →

Blink, think and click

Blink, think and click Say that three times fast.  Blink, think and click. I just tried typing it three times fast and it didn't work out once. Anyway, on with the show. Have you heard the classic marketing joke? Even the best marketing only works 50% of the time. But nobody knows which 50%. Click,... Continue Reading →

If only

If only I.. Writing a novel is difficult, time consuming, mind consuming affair. It takes a lot of time just to find the best time for you to write, and even then, it may not go well. If you are a writer, you already know this. If not, this pretty much applies to any and... Continue Reading →

Time for an editor

Talk is cheap It is time for an editor. If it were that easy. Just like any piece of advice given away, it is given away for a reason. It is easy to say and not easy to do. If you have read this blog for the last year, you know that I have found... Continue Reading →

10 thoughts to think over

"Don't translate, answer." Those were the instruction from my Russian professor in college. He wanted his students to answer his questions posed in Russian as responses, not having taken the extra step to translate from Russian to English to Russian to answer. I have something similar in mind with the thoughts I'm listing below. They... Continue Reading →

I haven’t got time for this

Have you got a second?   A few days ago, I was texting my brother. My daughter was watching me and commented, only partially joking, that she was "horrified" at how slowly I texted. Yesterday, I finished writing my novella, Ironjaws. Please don't tell my daughter this, but I started it 34 years ago. It... Continue Reading →

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